204 Holes 000#-4# Manual Mini Capsule Filling Machine

Capacity:204pcs / time
Capsule Size:000#-4# Hard capsule
The manual capsule filler adopts advanced bench-top design for filling two-piece capsules. It is manufactured according to the accepted principles of the empty capsule filling industry. It is designed to meet the needs of both occasional and regular users of small quantities.


204 Holes 000#-4# Manual Mini Capsule Filling Machine  


1) Raw material is imported acrylic which is healthy, good transparency, durable, low weight.

2) The screws & pins are made of stainless steel and meet the hygiene requirement GMP standards.

3) The cap sheet adopt one-layer design and polished angles to prevent bleeding.

4) The middle sheet adopt special flute design of high precision, which can avoid the breakage of capsules when joining them.

5) The body sheet adopt the specially-dealt screws and springs, which can make no noise when pressing downwards. The detachable and undetachable body sheet is optional.

6) The encapsulation sheet adopt special design, which can incerease the speed of capsules collection.

7) The tamping tool is design to one-layer ,angles and pins being polished.

8) The powder guard with a U-design powder guard to avoid loss of powders.





1. Adopting high quality plastic material, which is more durable for long term use.

2. The product is surrounded by circular arc shapes, which has beautiful appearance and bring you comfortable operation.

3. With precise and  unique design, this capsule filler is easy to operate and effective to reduce wasting. 

4. Imitate automatic mechanical arrangement, you can arrange capsules cap and capsule body quickly, more convenient to use and improve capsules filling efficiency.

5. Effective to deal with the problem of filling capsule, like small batch processing, production, self-made capsules.


This product solves the problem of capsule filling in small batch processing, production and self-made capsules. It is suitable for small pharmaceutical factories, health products, hospital preparation rooms, specialist clinics, cosmetics, animal drugs and other industries, producing small batch capsule preparations and Chinese pharmacies. Pharmacies, nourishing health products stores, research institutes, laboratories, homes, etc. are used to fill (fill) hollow capsules, and are also an alternative to the capsule automatic filling machine.

Operational Steps

1. Arrange the discs on the cap plate.

2. Put a proper amount of capsule cap.

3. Shake the capsule mouth up into the hole of the capsule plate.

4. Pour out the excess capsule cap.

5. Remove the alignment disk.

6. Stack the notched side of the intermediate plate on the cap plate.

7. Place the disc tray on the body plate.

8. Put a proper amount of capsule body and shake it so that the mouth of the capsule falls up into the hole of the capsule plate.

9. Pour out the excess capsule and remove the disc.

10. Pour the powder on the body board and scrape it back and forth with a scraper.

11. Flip the overlapping cap plate intermediate plate over the body plate.

12. Press down firmly with both hands to lock the capsule.

13. Then remove the cap plate.

14. Remove the intermediate plate, at which point the filled capsules are on the middle plate.

15. Gently tap the middle plate to drop the capsule out.

16. Once the container is loaded, a capsule fill is completed.