1-25g Semi-automatic Spices Powder Weighing Filling Machine

Model: W25
Filling range: 1-25g depending on items
Filling speed: 5-15bags/min
Precision: 0.1g
Net weight: 8.5kg


1-25g Semi-automatic Spices Powder Weighing Filling Machine

Products Description

New control board, durable, stable and convenient. Advanced technology, more reliable, mature and professional technology. Modified racking machine, powder will not stick to weighing hopper. Automatically weighing, suitable for more goods, stainless steel shell, well-presented and high-end.

Intelligent design, simple operation, quantitative precision sensor, 3 levels vibration cutting, adjustable, microcomputer motherboard is more durable and energy saving, quick speed, high performance. 5-15bags per minute, depending on different items, quantity. 1-25grams according to your needs on the computer board set above.


--What's the weighing and Filling Powder packing machine Function?

Generally speaking,packer is play the role of an automatic precision weighing,artificial one by one to eliminate weighing.The machine is only partial shipments weighing function,without the sealing function.If you need to seal, can buy a automatic packaging machine,fully automatic.

--With what kind of bag ?

This device does not limit the bag or bottle,as long as the capacity to trapping discharging mouth,can not let the material go toward outside.

Technical Parameters: