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Automatic Bottle Sorting Machine For Bottles and Cans

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Automatic bottle sorting machine For Bottles and Cans

The function of the Bottle Sorting Machine is to sort out the disorderly stacked bottles, arrange them on the conveyor belt in order, and transfer them to other machinery for the next process (such as filling, labeling, boxing, etc.) to improve production efficiency.

We have sorted out 4 types of unscramblers:

1. Center of gravity Bottle Unscrambler:

The basic principle is: use the characteristics of the center of gravity of the bottle in the finishing process. If the bottle is forward, the center of gravity will be close to the lower part of the bottle, so that the bottle will not change its arrangement; if the bottle is reversed, the center of gravity will be on the upper part of the bottle, and the center of gravity of the bottle It will be unstable, and then the bottle will be reversed in the baffle, so as to achieve the upward requirement.

However, the disadvantage is obvious, most of the beverage bottles are plastic bottles, and their weight changes are small, so this function will not meet the requirements in actual operation, and this function is suitable for use in heavy glass bottle unscramblers.

2. Water floating type with baffle type:

The basic principle is: in the conveying stage, the buoyancy principle of water is used to transport the bottle to the finishing stage, and in the finishing stage, the baffle A is used to make the bottle output positively. There is a rectangular hole on the baffle that is suitable for the bottle mouth. When the bottle mouth comes over, the bottle mouth will enter the rectangular hole, so that the bottom of the bottle will go down first, and then the bottle mouth will go down, and the bottle will output forward. When the bottom of the bottle comes over When the baffle does not work, the bottle is output in the forward direction.

The structural design of the bottle unscrambler has two disadvantages: First, in the process of water flotation, the bottle will enter the water, adding unnecessary steps in the subsequent filling stage. Second, in the finishing stage, the efficiency is very low, and it is not suitable for fully automated production lines. This solution is suitable for large drinks in glass bottles used in the beer industry.

3. Friction type:

The basic principle of the scheme is: in the finishing stage, the friction force of the belt is used to transport the bottles, and in the finishing stage, the friction force is used to adjust the bottles. Compared with the above two schemes, the biggest advantage of this scheme is that its efficiency is the highest, and there are no other unnecessary processes such as cleaning stages.

The structure design of the bottle sorter Machine mainly utilizes the frictional force of the belt, so that the bottle can be turned over under high-speed movement, and it is highly efficient and improves the processing efficiency.

4. Centrifugal bottle unscrambler:

The basic principle is to use the centrifugal force of the disc to make the bottle close to the outside of the circle, and then use the different characteristics of the bottom of the bottle and the mouth of the bottle to turn the mouth of the bottle downward. The disadvantage is that the finishing speed has a limit and is not suitable for large water lines.

The function of the machine is to manually add the materials to the storage bottle warehouse for storage. The materials in the storage bottle warehouse will be automatically quantitative and supplied to the turntable at a set speed. The turntable rotates at a high speed to supply the bottles according to the requirements. To standardize the bottles, the bottle dividing part sends the bottles supplied by the turntable into the bottle sorting part at a certain speed. The bottle sorting part clamps the bottles on both sides of the conveyor belt and transports them to the working surface of the conveyor, and at the same time, the bottles are sorted and sorted out by the bottle turner. The requirement is an indispensable machine for high-speed production and substantial savings in labor costs and avoidance of losses due to human error factors.

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