Automatic Bottle Sorting Machine for Round Rotating Plastic Glass

Turntable diameter:800mm(can be customized according to bottle size)
The machine with the S shape component is designed for getting bottles in order and can be transported neatly.Normally it will be coonected before the filling machine,it's the first step in aoutomated production.


Automatic bottle sorting machine for Round Rotating Plastic Glass 


The assembly line plastic bottle collector organizes different bottles on the conveyor belt and is used in front of the filling step or at the end of the production line, reducing manual steps and improving work efficiency. Easy to use and efficient, easy to operate.

There are two types of unscramblers:

①Using S-shaped parts, specially designed for arranging bottles, and transporting neatly. It is usually connected before the filling machine and is the first step in automated production.

②Without S shap components, it is specially designed for receiving finished products, usually connected after the labeling machine, which is the last step of automated production.

Work process:

The bottle machine turntable drives the product to rotate automatically.The product is close to the edge of the turntable under the fluctuation of the bottle puller.

The product is transported to other equipment or table in the order of the bottle tank of the Bottle Unscrambler.

Application diagram on the production line