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Automatic Nuts Cookies Bread Pillow Packing Machine

Film width:MAX 350mm
Bag length:65-190/120-280/90-220/150-330mm
Bag width:50-160mm
Product height:MAX 40-60mm
This machine can be used to pack bread, biscuits, dates, nuts and other products. The key parts are made of stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic.


Automatic Nuts Cookies Bread Pillow packing machine


1) The stainless steel structure is used for the key parts of the machinery, which meets the sanitary requirements for food QS (production license) and pharmaceutical GMP (pharmaceutical packaging)

2) Double frequency control, the bag length is set and cut, saving time and film

3) High-sensitivity electro-optical eye tracking, no manual adjustment after setting, sealing and cutting size, accurate position, and firm and beautiful sealing

4) Temperature independent temperature controller: intelligent control, stable temperature control, better suitable for all kinds of packaging materials;

5) Color touch screen display; positioning stop, fault automatic diagnosis function, display, at a glance;

6) Automatic production counting, quantitative production, and packaging production accuracy;

7) Mechanical design and transmission system is simple, work is more reliable, and maintenance is more convenient.