YTK-150 Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

This round bottle labeling is mostly suitable for labeling round object with label length that covers less than half of the bottle circumference.
Voltage:AC220/110V 50-60HZ
Product:round bottle
Labeling Speed:20-200pcs/min
Labeling accuracy:±1mm


YTK-150 Automatic Round Bottle labeling machine 

Product Description

This is a newest table type automatic round bottle labeling machine, it won't take much space.
Full automatic processing controlled by PLC and fast labeling speed to save your precious time.Additionally, it can attach to bottle organizing machine to add bottle feeding and retracting functions.

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Machine sizeAbout 1153*650*720mm(L *W* H)
Voltage220V / 50Hz
Package weightAbout 130kg/146kg (with date coder)
Packing sizeAbout 126*76*83cm
Labeling accuracy±1mm (excluding product and label errors)
Labeling speedAbout 25~50 pieces / minute
Applicable product sizeφ30 ~ 120mm / height 25 ~ 350mm
Applicable label sizelength 25~300mm / width 15 ~ 140mm

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Details Images

· Control panel

Top branded electric components and accessories give this machine steady running bases. With PLC control and touch screen operating, we strive to offer the best user experience we could.

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The conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the diameter of the bottle mouth, it's better if the diameter is less than 125mm.

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·Imported fiber sensor

Automatic fiber amplifier, sensing and labeling automatically, simple and smartart.

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·High-quality motor

Stable speed-regulating motor, stable operation, reliable, easy maintenance.

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