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FR900V Vertical Food Kraft Coffee Bag Sealing Machine

Product model:YTK-FR900V
Printing method:Stamp
Temperature range:0-300℃
Sealing speed:0-12M/MIN
Sealing length:Unlimited
Sealing width:6-10mm adjustment
This sealing machine adopts intelligent electronic constant temperature control, and the automatic continuous conveying device can control various plastic film strips, which can be used on the assembly line, and the sealing length is not limited.


FR900V Vertical Food Kraft Coffee Bag sealing machine

Product introduction

This sealing machine adopts iIntelligent electronic constant temperature control, automatic continuous transport device can control a variety of different plastic film strips, can be used on the assembly line, the length of the seal is not limited.

Wide applicability, suitable for aluminum foil bags in various industries, plastic bag sealing

The device has the characteristics of firm sealing and high efficiency, advanced equipment technology and convenient operation.

It can change the font type, adopts the steel printing and printing characters, supports the sealing pattern and the font type replacement, and replaces the font type as needed. It can print the date of manufacture, the shelf life, the storage period and the like at the same time.

Solid liquid can be sealed,The sealing machine can be used in horizontal, vertical and floor type. The solid and liquid are suitable for horizontal sealing and sealing of dry articles, and the vertical type is suitable for liquid packaging and sealing. The seal is firm and beautiful.


Product parameters



It is suitable for the sealing of aluminum foil bags, plastic bags and composite bags in various industries, and can control various plastic film strips of different shapes.


Product details