FRD1000 Stainless Steel Continuous Plastic Bag Sealing Machine with Date Printer

Sealing Width: 5-12 mm
Film Thickness: 0.02-0.8 mm
Sealing Speed: 0-12 m/min
Max.Temperature Range : 300℃
It has strong sealing seam and can be sealing with length unlimited.Rugged Powder Coated All-Metal Construction Sealing belts are oriented horizontally to allow for easy access and high throughput.
Max loading weight of 3 KGS is ideal for most consumer good. Sealing speed and temperature adjustable with film thickness to ensure sealing quality.
Flexible height and wide changed with packet size, code date ,batch number.


FRD1000 Stainless Steel Continuous Plastic Bag sealing machine with Date Printer

Product description

FRD-1000 Series automatic continuous ink printing plastic film sealing machine adopts electronic constant temperature control and automatic conveying device can control a variety of different shapes of plastic film tape, in a variety of packaging lines supporting the use of unrestricted sealing length .


The sealing machine uses ink coding, with the need to replace the fonts can be printed on the seal while the date of manufacture, shelf life, shelf life and other signs, sealing and marking legible and beautiful patterns.


Printing can be a complete seal, date, batch number with the need to replace, easy to use, in line with article Food Sanitation Law.