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Mineral Water Juice Bottle Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Applicable Diameter of Bottle :28mm~120mm
Applicable Length of Label:30mm~250mm
Applicable Thickness of Label:0.03mm~0.13mm
Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube:5''~10' (Adjustable)
Production Capacity :150pcs/min


Mineral Water Juice Bottle Automatic Shrink Sleeve labeling machine


The sleeve labeling machine is to cut a roll of labels into the same length and then put them on the product. The label is cylindrical and hollowed out in the middle. After being put on the product, it is put into the shrinking furnace.

shrink sleeve labeling machine.png

shrink sleeve labeling machine-1.jpg

It can be widely used in food, beverage, condiment, pesticide, medicine, chemical industry and other industries.

shrink sleeve labeling machine-application.jpg