W200N Dry Coffee Powder Granules Weighing Filling Machine

Model: W200N
Filling range: 1-200g depending on items
Filling speed: 5-15bags/min
Precision: 0.1g
Net weight: 10kg


W200N Small Scale Dry Coffee Powder Granules Weighing Filling Machine


This powder filler adopts new system computer board, more durable and stable convenient, more reliable. 

Modified powder filling machine, powder will not stick to weighing hopper. 

Can automatic weighing and measuring the repackaging, multi-function change packing, suitable for more goods, stainless steel shell, well-presented and high-end. All intelligent design, simple operation, infrared induction block feeding, quantitative sensor, 3 levels vibration adjustable.

powder filling machine.jpg

powder filling machine.jpg

Product Application

This powder filler machine can be used for filling Salt Grain Seed Coffee Bean etc..

powder filling machine application.jpg