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YTK-160 Electrical Soda Beer Tuna Cans Sealing Machine

Product model:YTK-160
Sealing speed:10-20 pieces/min
Sealing height:40-200mm (more than 200mm need to be customized)
Applicable bottle diameter:35-126mm
Electric can sealing machine
Compared with the pedal sealing machine, the electric sealing machine reduces the labor intensity of the workers, greatly improves the work efficiency, the foot switch and the automatic on-line continuous working function, the quality is reliable, the operation is simple, and it is the food, beverage and nourishing health care products. The ideal equipment for the industry.


YTK-160 Electrical Soda Beer Tuna Cans sealing machine


1. Adaptable to all kinds of shapes of bottles, easy to set up.

2. No liquid leakage, strong sealed.

3. No damage to the bottle itself, no restrictions on height or width.

4. Concise and well-designed machine structure, easy to maintain.




This production is applicable to all kinds of circular iron, glass, plastic cans sealing,Quality is reliable, easy to operate and lighter, it is the ideal equipment of food and beverage industry, a necessary.


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