YTK-30 Manual Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Type:manual sticker labeler
Label core diameter:76mm
Label roll out diameter:≤150mm
Bottle diameter:15-120mm, H≤150mm
Label Width:10-110mm
Label Length:10- 300mm


YTK-30 Manual Round Bottle Sticker labeling machine

Product Description

YTK-30 round bottle labeling machine is suitable for round bottle labeling of PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, etc. 

Widely used in cosmetics, beverages, food, medicine and other industries, greatly improving production efficiency and labeling quality.

manual labeling machine Detail-01.jpg

manual round bottle labeling machine parameter.jpg

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Product Details

1、Suitable Label Size is 10-110mm(W),10-300mm(L),and it can be used for transparent label.

manual labeling machine Detail-04.jpg

2、When this bar stay at the gap between two labels,that means you have been label one stickers,this is used to remind the operatorto notice the labels during working.

manual labeling machine Detail-05.jpg

3、This machine is suitable for φ15-120mm,but <100mm will be best.Please make sure these two bars are parallel.

manual labeling machine Detail-06.jpg

4、Thickened material make this machine with long time life.

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