YTK 500g screw powder pillow pouch bag filling packing machine

Voltage:220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ
Rated Power:800W
Packing Speed:10-30bags / min
Max Packing Weight:500g
Error Range:About ±1%
Suitable Film:Heat Sealing Film
Max Film Width:28cm
Max Bag Size:13cm(W)*20cm(L)
Hopper Size:About 40*20*28.5cm


YTK 500g screw powder pillow pouch bag filling packing machine

Product Description

The inclined screw 500g powder pillow pouch bag packing machine is used for packing different kinds of powder with bad flowing. Such as milk powder, protein powder, and coffee powder. The powder bag packing machine is simple to operate and stable performance. SS304 stainless steel of good grade is adopted. 

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Product Application

This automatic powder pouch packing machine is suitable for filling and packing varieties of powders, such as spice, flour, milk powder, coffee powder, fruit powder,cocoa powder, grain powder, wheat flour, vitamin powder, chemical powder, paint powder,and etc.

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Product Details

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