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9 ways to fill liquids

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1. Atmospheric pressure filling

Principle: Under normal pressure, the liquid is poured into the packaging container by its own gravity.

It is suitable for low-viscosity liquids that do not contain air and are not afraid of exposure to the atmosphere.

There are two filling methods: one is that the container is lifted by the lifting mechanism for filling; the other is that the filling valve moves downward for filling.

2. Vacuum filling

Principle: After the packaging container is evacuated, the liquid is poured into the packaging container.


① It can improve the filling speed; 

② It can reduce the residual air in the packaging container, prevent the liquid from oxidative deterioration, and prolong the shelf life of the product; 

③ It can limit the escape of toxic liquids.

It is suitable for slightly viscous liquids and toxic liquids that do not contain air and are afraid of oxidative deterioration in contact with air.

There are two specific filling methods:

①Pure vacuum filling (vacuum differential pressure filling)

②Gravity vacuum filling (vacuum isobaric filling)

3. Isobaric filling

Principle: First inflate the packaging container to make the pressure in the container equal to the pressure in the liquid storage tank, and then pour the liquid material in the liquid storage tank into the packaging container.

Suitable for: carbonated beverages


①It can reduce the loss of carbon dioxide and maintain the flavor and quality of carbonated beverages; 

②It can prevent excessive bubbles in filling and ensure accurate packaging measurement.

4. Pressure filling

Principle: Press the liquid material into the packaging container with the help of external pressure (mechanical pressure, air pressure, hydraulic pressure, etc.).

Applicable to: viscous materials with high viscosity and poor fluidity, which can improve the filling speed. For liquids with low viscosity, pressure filling can also be used due to the characteristics of the material itself or the material and structure of the packaging container.

Pressure filling method:

①Fixed liquid pressure filling (pure pressure filling)

Pressure is applied to the material, and filling is achieved by pressurizing the upper space of the liquid storage tank, or directly pumping the product to the filling valve to achieve filling.

②Volume pressure filling (mechanical pressure filling)

Filling metering is carried out by various quantitative pumps (piston pump, scraper pump, gear pump, etc.), and the filling pressure is applied by the pump to increase the filling speed.

5. Liquid level sensing filling

Principle: Use sensing methods, such as air flow sensing devices, electronic sensing devices, to detect whether the container is in place, as well as the height of the filling liquid level, and send appropriate signals to open and close the filling valve.

It is suitable for those plastic containers that will expand or sag due to pressure or vacuum, especially suitable for high-speed filling of narrow-necked plastic and glass bottles.


①The packaging container does not need to be sealed during filling; 

②The filling speed is faster than normal pressure filling and vacuum filling; 

③The filling level is very accurate.

6. Diaphragm volumetric filling

Principle: Using a flexible undulating diaphragm under the action of pressure gas, the liquid material is pumped from the liquid storage tank to the filling chamber, and then injected into the packaging container.

Applicable to: Filling more expensive liquid materials, especially suitable for filling various intravenous injections and injections, and can fill narrow-neck bottles.


① It can ensure the cleanliness of liquid materials; 

② High filling precision; 

③ Less material loss; 

④ Fast filling speed.

7. Siphon filling

Principle: Using the siphon principle, the liquid material in the liquid storage tank is sucked into the container through the siphon tube.

Suitable for filling low-viscosity, gas-free liquids.

Features: Simple structure, but low filling speed.

8. Timed filling

Principle: Under the condition that the flow rate and flow rate are kept constant, the filling capacity is determined by controlling the time of liquid flow.

Constant volume flow timing filling: commonly used rotary quantitative disc type, rotary pump type and screw type timing adjustment mechanism.

Adjust the filling capacity: change the rotation speed of the turntable or the size and position of the filling hole, and the filling capacity can be adjusted.

Suitable for filling medium and high viscosity liquid materials

Features: The method is simple and the equipment is cheap.

Controlled differential pressure timing filling: Filling capacity is achieved by precise control of liquid flow time. The filling accuracy is determined by the stability of the pressure difference at the filling nozzle and the accuracy of the liquid flow time control.

It is suitable for filling liquid materials with good fluidity and no gas, especially for materials or medicines with high filling accuracy requirements.


①The filling precision is very high;

②It is easy to clean or sterilize; 

③It is easy to change the filling material.

9. Weighing and filling

Principle: Each station of the rotary table is a precision weighing pan with a strain load element. When the container enters the station, the weighing pan first deducts the gross weight of the container, and then accurately controls the flow of liquid material into the container; the filling process monitors the flow of liquid material speed and filling volume, and continuously adjust the flow rate to achieve the highest filling accuracy.

Adjust the filling capacity: change the rotation speed of the turntable or the size and position of the filling hole, and the filling capacity can be adjusted.

Suitable for filling plastic, glass and metal containers with low or medium viscosity liquids.


① The container does not contact the filling valve during the working process, and no password is required; 

② The filling precision is high.





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