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How To Choose A Carton Sealing Machine?

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There are many types of carton sealing machines on the market. We divide them into three categories according to the degree of automation:

1. Semi-automatic case sealing machine (left and right drive case sealer, up and down drive case sealer, left and right plus bottom drive case sealer)

(1) If the width of the carton is very wide and the height of the carton is less than 150mm, choose the left and right drive carton sealing machine.

(2) If the carton height exceeds 500, please choose the top and bottom drive carton sealing machine.

(3) If the weight of the carton exceeds 30 kg, please choose the left and right plus drive carton sealing machine.

2. Automatic case sealing machine (folding lid sealing machine is an online case sealing machine, manual adjustment is required when changing cartons)

This kind of carton sealing machine is generally used in the whole assembly line, and the products are mass-produced with the same specification. (If the product is heavier, a driver can also be added)

3. Automatic carton sealing machine (automatic carton sealing machine is divided into two types: online use and stand-alone use, the main feature is that it does not require manual adjustment to replace the carton)

These two kinds of case sealing machines are generally produced in small batches with various specifications. The adjustment does not require manual operation and is very convenient to use, but the production efficiency is low, about 5 to 6 cases per minute.

To learn more about the carton box sealing machine or any of the other machines manufactured by Yason, browse page on the Yason website or call to speak with a Packaging Specialist at Yason today.

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