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ACM20 Automatic Desktop Pneumatic Screw Capping Machine

Production capacity:20-60 bottles/min
Min diameter of caps:≤60cm
Max diameter of bottle:≤100cm
Max bottle height:200mm
Min bottle height:50mm
This capping machine is suitable for various shapes of bottle caps.Smaller machine body and can work automatically,save production cost and working space.


ACM20 Automatic Desktop Pneumatic Screw capping machine


This desktop capping machine is suitable for capping different shapes of bottle lid like spray bottle caps, dropper bottle caps and regular round bottle bottle caps etc.Its attractive appearance and desktop design makes it gets a lot of popularity from manufacturer who produce cosmetics,drinks,food and daily chemical products.

Screw Capping Machine-03.png

Product Parameters



1. Electrical control movement, stability;

2. A positioning device, capping standard, easy to operate;

3. Lock cover a wide range of different lockable

4. capping speed adjustable,Tightness can be adjusted according to different caps.

5. Work speed 20-60 times/mins

6. For a variety of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical industry nozzle / pump head / spray pump / hand gun caps lock button cover machinery.

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