YTK SC6 Automatic Metal Bottle Capper Servo Bottle Capping Machine

Voltage:110/220V 50-60HZ
Bottle Height:30-300mm
Cap Diameter:18-70mm
Bottle Diameter:20-160mm
Working Speed:20-60 bottles / minute
Working Pressure:0.4-0.6MPa


YTK SC6 Automatic Metal Bottle Capper Servo Bottle capping machine 

Product Description

The automatic capping machine is servo model. It works stably. The cap head can be customized according to the size of lids. It can be combined with automatic filling machine, labeling machine and other equipment to realize automated production line.

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Product Details

The chain plate type conveyor belt is preset with a suitable transmission speed, but customers can adjust it according to actual

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2、Capping head
Screw cap chuck, suitable for all kinds of bottle caps. Capping time, pressing time can be adjusted through the operation panel.

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3、Control panel
Operation panel to visualize work data, easy to adjust and use the machine. Filling time, working speed can be adjusted according
to your needs.

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Barometer with used air pressure can help you check air pressure in real time.

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