Automatic Adhesive Tape Carton Box Square Box Folding Sealing Machine

Model :YTK-FXC4030X
Sealing capacity:1000times/hour
Maximum sealing size:300*400MM
Minimum sealing size:80*90MM
Transport form:Two side conveyor belt transfer
This sealing machine is mainly used in the sealing and packsging of cartons,which can be used in the case of household appliances,textile,food,department store,ect.


Automatic Adhesive Tape Carton Box Square Box Folding sealing machine


This carton box saeling machine has the advantage of high efficiency, easy adjustment. The sealing machine can complete upper and lower sealing action, also can use printing tape.

Mainly used to seal cartons, which can operate alone and can also be equipped into production line. 

Suitable for circumstance where the size of cartons doesn't change frequently, which especially fits for continous sealing of cartons in the same size. 

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Product details

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