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Double-head Semi-Automatic Bottled Mineral Water Liquid Filling Machine

This Filling machine is widely used for drinks,liquor,soy sauce,juice ,milk,lotion,etc. And we have two type of machine for customer to choose.One is 1.5L/min 100℃,and the other is 3L/min 60℃.
Power adapter:Input voltage: AC100-240V Output voltage: DC125V5A


Double-head Semi-Automatic Bottled Mineral Water liquid filling machine


Product Application and Features:

1. Suitable for drinks, liquor, soy sauce, juice, milk, lotion, etc.

2. Automatic electric induction of the eyes, intelligent filling is more efficient

3. Microcomputer control system, high timing precision reaches 0.1 seconds

4. Convenient design, removable water pipes, front and rear brackets can be installed

5. Entrance and exit can be removed and replaced

6. The double-headed heat-resistant model has two built-in heat-resistant pumps, which can discharge water or close one of them at the same time.