Automatic Tea/Herb Bag Filling and Packing Machine

Packing speed:15-25 packs / minute (depending on the product)
Weighing range:1g-50g (adjustable)
Rated power:360W
YTK-SPB300 automatic three-side sealing packaging machine has the functions of automatic weighing and cutting, three-side sealing packaging and automatic cutting of bags. Suitable for all kinds of powder and granular product packaging, the packaging is fast and efficient, and the sealing is perfect.


Automatic Tea/Herb Bag Filling and packing machine


1, automatic weighing, weighing by sensing technology, equivalent to electronic weighing

2, automatic cutting, screw feeding design, cutting speed is fast, no jamming, no blocking.

3, automatic packaging, after the material is cut, the three-side sealing package design, the sealing is firm, firm and beautiful.

4, automatic cutting, sealing complete automatic cutting, packaging is completed.




This product is suitable for granular and powdery products. Such as Chinese medicine powder, Chinese herbal medicine, Banlangen, herbal tea, black tea, green tea, electronics, hardware and so on.


Product Details

Three-side sealing

The three-side sealing design adopts the left and right to push the sealing, and the double temperature control, the upper and lower sealing can independently set the temperature, the sealing is firm and firm, and the packaging is more beautiful and generous.


Stainless steel cutting aisle

The materials are made of stainless steel to ensure the cleanliness of the materials, and more in line with the production requirements of major food, medicine and tea processors.


Intelligent control panel

Intelligent control board, easy to operate, stable performance, can work for a long time, the upper and lower sealing temperatures can be set separately, which can make the sealing heat more even and stable.


Suitable for a variety of packaging film

This machine is suitable for all kinds of heat sealing film packaging, such as: filter paper, non-woven fabric, transparent film, aluminum foil film, plastic film, color film, etc.