Anti-Drip Automatic Sesame Paste Honey Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

Model: YTK-L15
Voltage: AC220V 50Hz
Power: 200W
Maximum Flow Rate: 15L/min
Applicable Capacity: 20g-10kg
Filling Error: ≤2-5g
Weight: 12.5kg


Anti-Drip Automatic Sesame Paste Honey Viscous liquid filling machine

Product Description

This filling machine adopts the principle of weighing and quantitative filling, sets the weight value required for filling, and is weighed in real time by a high-precision electronic scale, and stops when the set weight is reached.

The filling is stable, and the filling accuracy is not affected by factors such as flow rate, water pressure, and temperature.

Can be used to fill various liquids, such as honey, sesame paste, edible oil, etc.

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