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HX002 Desktop Toothpaste Plastic Tube Filling Sealing Machine

Sealing height:50-220mm
Prducing speed:8-12pcs/min
Air Pressure:0.5Mpa (Our this machine need to connect with Air compressor)


HX002 Desktop Toothpaste Plastic Tube Filling sealing machine 

Performance and characteristics

1. Independent research and development of digital automatic ultrasonic automatic frequency tracking electric box, no need to manually adjust the frequency, increase the power automatic compensation function, will not cause the machine power to drop due to long use time, can automatically adjust the power according to the hose material and size, and handle the stability and failure The rate is extremely low, and the service life is longer than ordinary electric boxes;

2.Controlled by PLC touch screen, easy to operate;

3.The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance;

4.Adopt Japanese Panasonic high-sensitivity calibration electric eye equipped with stepping motor, fast and accurate calibration;

5.Using a dual-purpose filling machine for paste and liquid, the filling accuracy can be controlled within ±1.


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