YTK 4 Nozzles Peristaltic Pump Ink Perfume Filling Machine

Filling Range:5ml-4000(based on material and filling volume)
Filling Nozzle Size:OD8/10MM
Max Flow Rate:4L/min


YTK 4 Nozzles Peristaltic Pump Ink Perfume Filling Machine

Product Description

This machine is designed with peristaltic pump,it is suitable for filling liquid with different colors or fragrance like the
perfume or ink.The filling hose is easier to change,this can improves production efficiency.This machine is widely used in
food,beverage,cosmetics and daily chemical industries.

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Product Parameter

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Product Details

1、Simple control panel, it is convenient to adjust the working parameter like filling time and filling speed. lt is no need to trade operator, good for new hands.

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2、The filling speed and time of Each nozzle can be controlled separately , we also offer different sizes of filling nozzle to make the machine works better with your bottles ,Improves Tilling accuracy .

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3、Equipped with peristaltic pump , the advantage of this kind of pump is that the liquid will not pass through the pump during working . this can ensure the production quality . The machine has reasonable design ,it is easier to change filling hose , this is good for filling liquid with different colors or fragrance.

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4.The filter tip is used for blocking residue so that to make the liquid in hose clean.

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