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G1WY single head pneumatic liquid piston filling machine

Model Option: G1WY-30, G1WY-100, G1WY-300, G1WY-500, G1WY-1000, G1WY-3000, G1WY-5000
Filling range: 3-30ml, 10-100ml, 30-300ml, 50-500ml, 100-1000ml, 500-3000ml, 1000-5000ml
Filling speed: 5-15bottles/nozzle·min
Accuracy: ±1%
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa


G1WY single head pneumatic liquid piston filling machine


Filling Range:3-30ml,10-100ml,30-300ml,50-500ml,100-1000ml,500-3000ml,1000-5000ml


· All Parts in Contact with Product are Food Grade (SS 304/316)

· Rugged Rotary Valve System Design

· Silica gel O-ring System(can bear 200 Celsius degree)

· Piston Feed Speed Adjustment

· Non-drip Option Included and Installed

· Easy to Clean and Maintain

· Sanitary Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect Fittings

· Quick Connect/Disconnect Pneumatic Fittings

Technical Paramenters


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AirTAC high-power cylinders are more powerful, more efficient and more durable.

Anti-drip, accurate filling, no clogging, detachable, easy to clean and maintain. 

A hand crank which is to adjust the filling amount, easy to operate.

Built-in safety power-off design protects the machine in time to prevent safety accidents.

High-quality feeding tube makes the machine discharge more smoothly and has a longer service life.