YTK Automatic Magnetic Pump 6L Liquid Filling Machine

Model:YTK-VMP8H 6L
Material of Pump:SS316
Max flow rate:6L/min
Filling accuracy:≤±1%


YTK Automatic Magnetic Pump 6L liquid filling machine

Product Description

This 8-head automatic magnetic pump filling machine body is made of all stainless steel. It comes with automatic counting function. The performance is reliable and the measurement is accurate. It is an excellent machine for filling particle-free liquid.The filling nozzles can be customized according to your requirements(like 4 or 6),and customers can control each nozzle separately.

magnetic pump liquid filling machine1.jpg

automatic water bottle filling machine-parameter.jpg

automatic water bottle filling machine.jpg


Wide range of use, such as: various pharmaceuticals (alcohol, eye drops), chemicals (solvents, acetone), cosmetics, food and other non-particulate liquids.

Product parts

1.Control panel

This machine uses touch screen control panel, which is easy to operate. The filling time and other working data can be adjusted.

control panel1.jpg

2.Filling nozzle

Filling nozzle with anti-drip function. Machine filling speed is fast and accuracy is within ±1%.

filling nozzle.jpg

3.Magnetic Pump

The adoption of magnetic pump design makes the machine resistant to high temperature, corrosion, acid and alkali.

magnetic pump.jpg


High Quality filter,can filter unnecessary particle.