Three-In-One Automatic Vial Oral Liquid Filling Machine

Voltage:220V/110V 50-60HZ
Filling Material:Liquid or paste
Working speed:About 30 bottles/min
Bottle Diameter:Not limited,can customized
This filling machine is with three functions(filling,capping and cap feeding), helps you save production cost.


Three-In-One Automatic Vial Oral liquid filling machine


This filling machine can be used for filling liquid,capping bottles caps and automatically cap feeding.It is good for filling paste and liquid.The size of bottle caps is not limited,we can customize the machine as customers'need.

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Machine used in production line

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Product Parameter

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Product Application

This filling machine is mainly used for the products packed by spray bottles like toner, facial cleaner.it's widely uesd in cosmetics,chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Product Details

The simple operation panel can be used to adjust and control working data,easy to operate and reduce working error greatly.

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Each nozzle can be controlled separately.The filling speed is adjustable.Nozzles are with anti-dripping design,can improve working quality.

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Transmission device is used for transferring bottle spray heads,helps to improve working efficiency.

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Rotary plate can be customized according to customers’ bottle diameter.Please notice that this machine is only suitable for single shape and size bottles.If you need the machine for different kinds of bottles,please send us message.

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Equipped with 30L large filling hopper(Could customized for 50L for your needs),it is more convenient to pour filling material.Multiple functions can be customized like mixing and heating function ,if you need this please contact us.

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